The inaugural Event on Middle East Base Oil and Lubricants

Held under the Patronage of His Excellency Dr. Abdul Hussain bin Ali Mirza,
Minister of Energy - Chairman of National Oil & Gas Authority, Kingdom of Bahrain

Conference Connection and Petrosil are pleased to announce the 1st Annual Base Oil and Lubes Middle East Conference (BLM 2012), which will be held on May 9-10, 2012 in the Kingdom of Bahrain under the Patronage of
His Excellency Dr. Abdul Hussain bin Ali Mirza, Minister of Energy - Chairman of National Oil & Gas Authority, Kingdom of Bahrain.

The two-day event organized by Conference Connection and Petrosil Group will serve as a platform for all senior-level decision makers from the global base oil and lubricant industry. The conference themed Future Trends, Opportunities and Challenges in Base Oil and Lubricant Trade and Technology will focus on key challenges and opportunities that exist in the entire value chain and will explore related topics such as regional issues, production capacities, pricing trends, demand & supply outlook, developments in technology, shipping and logistics and many other topics of interest.

BLM 2012 will run back to back with the 20th Annual Middle East Petroleum and Gas Conference (MPGC 2012) on May 6-8, 2012 in Bahrain.  MPGC 2012 is the longest running annual oil conference in the Middle East and is held during the Middle East Petroleum & Gas Week (MEOW) which runs from May 5-10, 2012 in Bahrain. There will be six events in Just 6 days and over 500 participants from 50 countries are expected at MPGC/MEOW 2012.

Response is growing with participants from 15 countries already registered, including the US, UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, India, Bangladesh, Singapore, Japan, Finland, Sweden and the UK.

 Official Opening By
 Dhaen Al-Hamli His Excellency Dr. Abdul Hussain bin Ali Mirza
Minister of Energy - Chairman of National Oil & Gas Authority, Kingdom of Bahrain
Keynote Address By
Mr. Gordon Smith
Chief Executive - The Bahrain Petroleum Company B.S.C. (Closed), Kingdom of Bahrain
Site Visit to BAPCO’s New Group III Lube Base Oil Plant 

Delegates at BLM, restricted to a maximum of forty on a first come first serve basis, will have the opportunity to be part of the first ever group site visit to this new facility, courtesy of BAPCO, on the afternoon of 10 May 2012. Places are restricted and delegates are requested to register early. The final date for site visit registration is 1 May 2012. 

10 May 2012 (1.00pm – 3.30pm)
Bahrain’s New Group III Lube Base Oil Plant is a joint venture between BAPCO, the National Oil and Gas Holding Company and Neste Oil in Finland. The new unit is a state-of-the-art facility, incorporating the latest catalytic dewaxing and distillation technologies from the world’s leading process licensors for the production of Group III base oils. The plant is the largest of its kind in the Middle East, and is producing very high viscosity index (VHVI), Group III lubricant base oils from the hydrocracker bottoms stream using catalytic iso-dewaxing technology, where the paraffinic waxy feedstock undergoes transformation and isomerisation into a non-waxy high viscosity index product suitable for use as base stock for the production of high grade lubricants. The plant has a capacity of up to 400,000 tpy and is located at Bapco’s refinery on Bahrain’s east coast.


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  • Mr Zakaria Sulaiman, Manager Petroleum Product Sales, International Marketing, BAPCO, Bahrain
  • Mr Howard Hancock, Manager Lubricant Business, Marketing Division - Lubricants, BAPCO, Bahrain
  • Mr S Hamza Alawi, Process Specialist Lube Base Oil, Technical Services Department, BAPCO, Bahrain
  • Mr Juha Wallius, Market Development Manager, Neste Oil Corporation, Finland
  • Mr. Kevin Hofer, Manager for Base Oils and Clean Fuels, Downstream Technology, Chevron Corporation, USA
  • Ms Geeta S. Agashe, Vice President, Energy, Kline & Company Inc, USA
  • Dr Valentina Serra-Holm, Market Manager, NYNAS AB, Sweden
  • Mr Thangavel Rathina Kumar, Manager Lubricants Technology, ENOC International Sales LLC, UAE  
  • Mr Jorge Montepeque, Global Editorial Director, Market Reporting, Platts, UK
  • Mr Sanjay Kumar, DGM - Product Supplies (Lubes), Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd, India
  • Ms Minoti Makim, Vice President, Petrosil Group, India
  • Mr Stephen Wright, Vice President, Europe/Middle East, Solomon Associates, US
  • Mr R. N. Ghosal, Managing Director, Tide Water Oil Co. (I) Ltd, India
  • Mr Tatsuya Kawamura, Overseas Marketing Manager, Alpha Olefin & Derivatives Group, Performance Materials Department, Idemitsu Kosan, Japan
  • Dr. H.E. Henderson, President, K & E Petroleum Consulting, USA
  • Mr. Dave Johnson, Manager - Technology Development, Downstream Technology, Chevron Corporation, USA

This is a partial list of speakers. Other senior level speakers will be featured

  • Crude Oil and Refining Overview
  • Demand/Supply of Base Oils in Middle East & Asia
  • Lubes & Base Oil Transportation and Logistics
  • Future Trends and Innovation in Technology
  • Base Oil Pricing & Trade
  • Outlook & Future Challenges for the Base Oil & Lubes Business

This BLM 2012 conference will satisfy the information needs of base oil producers, exporters, importers, additives manufacturers and suppliers, blenders, lubricants traders/retailers, re-refiners, shipping companies, storage companies, lubricant packaging companies, consultants, marine oil producers and traders, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), surveyors, clearing agents as well as buyers and sellers of transformer oils, liquid paraffins, white oils, petroleum waxes, rubber process oils, greases and others related to the industry such as:-

* Presidents * CEOS * Managing Directors * Executive Directors * General Managers * Vice Presidents * Corporate Planners * Business Development Managers * Sales & Marketing Managers * Export Managers * Regional Managers * Product Development Managers * Licensing Managers * Operation Managers * Refinery Managers * Export Managers * Supply & Distribution Managers * Additives Managers * Fuels & Lubes Managers * Lube Plant Managers * Process Managers/Technologists * Marketing/Commercial Managers * Lubricant Supply Chain Managers * Technical Managers * Base Oil Managers * Blending Managers * Lube Retail Managers * Quality Control Managers * Lube Traders & Brokers * Lube Analysts/Consultants * Government Policy Planners * Procurists *Senior Chemists *


 5-10  May 2012

Conferences, Courses and Executive Briefings
  • Individually Priced
  • Bookable Separately
  • Joint Attendance Discounts with any two events
  • Optimal Learning and Networking Opportunities
  • Base Oil & Lubes Middle East 2012 ( BLM) , 9-10 May 2012
    Two-Day Confefence jointly organised by The Conference Connection Inc & Petrosil Group
MEOW events will be held back to back in conjunction with the 20th Annual MPGC. This features MPGC 2012 as the anchor event, as well as five other pre- and post-MPGC briefings and conference

STRENGTHEN YOUR BRAND @ BLM 2012 (Held in conjunction with MPGC 2012 )

As the first event in the global Base Oil and Lubricants industry, BLM 2012 presents a unique and broad range of visibility for your brand.  Sponsoring the inaugural annual BLM 2012 provides the ideal opportunity to boost your company’s profile and increase your business potential through direct exposure to an audience of high level base oil and lubricant executives.

Expect unparalleled networking opportunities with potential clients and base oil and lubricant professionals from all over the world!



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Press Release - Conference Connection and Petrosil are pleased to announce the hosting of the 1st Annual Base Oil and Lubes Middle East Conference (BLM 2012), May 9-10, 2012 
Kingdom of Bahrain



Full FeeUS$ 1995 per person
Group / Team FeeUS$ 1795 per person (2nd & subsequent delegate)
Joint Attendance Fee $1795 per person

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The 20th Annual Middle East Petroleum & Gas Conference

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